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Jewish Heritage Center
The Counterfeit Countess: The Jewish Woman Who Rescued Thousands of Poles During the Holocaust

Join the Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center and American Inspiration for a program with professional historians and Holocaust experts Dr. Elizabeth White and Dr. Joanna Sliwa, discussing the astonishing story of Dr. Josephine Janina Mehlberg—a Jewish mathematician who saved thousands of lives in Nazi-occupied Poland by masquerading as a Polish aristocrat.


Presented by Dr. Elizabeth White and Dr. Joanna Sliwa.
Jewish Heritage Center
Jewish Languages: Commonality and Diversity

From Yiddish and Ladino to Bukharian and Judeo-Greek, Jews around the world have spoken distinctly from their non-Jewish neighbors. This engaging talk will explore the linguistic diversity of the Jewish people with an emphasis on shared traits.


Presented by Sarah Bunin Benor
Jewish Heritage Center
Jews, Freemasons, and a Nineteenth-Century Debate on Universality

Dr. Peter Lanchidi will shed light on the meaning and relevance of Freemasonry for American Jewry, and share the story of Jacob Norton, a Jewish Mason in Boston, and a debate he found himself at the center of concerning the role of religion within the Masonic brotherhood. 

Presented by Dr. Peter Lanchidi